IMG_4590I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the Rhetoric and Composition program at Georgia State University, and an Associate Director of the GSU Writing Studio.

When you meet someone new in the academy, you’re almost always asked what you’re studying or researching. Although my reply has over time expanded into writing program administration, composition studies, and an intermingling of digital, social, and political rhetorics, I include the writing center always in that answer. I first joined a writing center as a tutor in 2010, and though my research and professional interests have ranged farther, it will remain my pedagogical touchstone always.

I believe that writers are encouraged by their writing pasts to believe they will have identical writing futures, and I see this mindset at play in writers in introductory writing courses, first-year composition, at a writing center table, in workshops online, and in advanced and graduate-level seminars. As a reflective, revision-minded composition teacher with an ethos forged in the tutoring session, I enjoy nothing more than seeing writers – those who self-assess as “bad,” “good,” and anywhere on the spectrum between – travel the distance from a certainty of writing past to the possibility of writing future.


Georgia State University (anticipated May 2017)

  • English, concentration in Rhetoric and Composition
  • Dissertation: “Taking Action Through the Archives: Standardizing Writing Center Archive Profiles for Praxis, Knowledge, and Continuity” Advisors Dr. Lynée Gaillet and Dr. Beth Burmester

University of Michigan-Flint (April 2012)

  • English Language and Literature, dual concentrations in Composition and Rhetoric and Pedagogy in English
  • Master’s Thesis: “From Paper to Pixel: The Author Amidst Digital Armageddon” Advisor Dr. James Schirmer

Michigan State University (December 2006)

  • Journalism, minor in English

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